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A Multifandom RPG welcoming all sorts of characters
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Place: New York City, New York; The United States of America
Time: 7:00 PM
New York. A place where strangeness and the supernatural run rampant…in stories. But perhaps fiction isn’t so fictional, on the dark streets of this infamous city.

It’s 2008, and summer has just begun. Everything seems normal…but then peculiar but oddly familiar-looking people start to show up. Curiously examining the malls…lurking in alleys…walking dazed through busy streets. But these people aren’t the normal level of ‘weird’ New York is used to. These people come from different universes, reflections of fictional stories both old and new, from a variety of different mediums and art forms.

It’s your job, as either one of the dimensional drifters or as a New Yorker, to find out what’s going on…without stumbling into something that could get you killed. You’ll need to keep in touch with your friends through your Livejournals and a strange community called ‘in_fabula'. Both of which you were mysteriously directed to via either the note in the backpack you woke up with (fictional characters), or the email you received from an untraceable address (original characters).

Because not all of the supposedly ‘fictional characters’ are exactly open to helping you, and the bizarre occurrences might not be as accidental as they first appear…

So pull up a chair, relax and try to enjoy the ride. Because this is going to be one hell of a night.

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