Lupin Ferus (thelupin) wrote in in_fabula,
Lupin Ferus

Who: ...A lotta people xD;;;
What: King Kong is on the loose, Ed's seething, and Lupin is freaked because a big ol' alien just disappeared right in front of her. Yup, life's good in the Big Apple.
When: After everyone converged to the Alice Statue
Where: The Alice statue, Central Park

Oh, crap. Yeah, she wasn't too thrilled at the seething figure glaring into the little phone standing beside her.

Edward, who seemed to have gotten the hang of his little Samsung--she was sure it was that--was glaring heatedly into the device. If looks could kill, she was sure that thing would've been incinerated a long time ago. The clenched jaw, the throbbing vein standing out on his neck, the intense glare... Yeah. She was sure something happened. He wasn't saying anything. She was worried about that.

Hesitantly and reluctantly, she placed a consoling hand on his shoulder. "Um...Edward?"

The air seemed to grow even tenser and she shrunk back, recoiling when the glare turned to her. She gripped her own little phone in her hand. That tight feeling in her chest grew tighter and she swallowed. His eyes shifted away from her. His golden eyes softened momentarily, and she realized it wasn't out of actual softness; it was surprise. She turned to look where he was staring at and she felt her heart stop for a few moments. Her eyes widened.

"W-where'd he go?" 

Vakarian was gone.
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