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Lupin Ferus

Who: Um...a lot of people. xD;;;
What: To the Alice Statue!
When: Night-ish time 
Where: Central Park (still! xD))

((OOC: Because Lazy Lupin is Lazy! ...And it gives us loggers an excuse to change, well, logs. Start fresh, if you will. xD Pluuus, it'll be less squishy, and it's time to move on and add an assload of more people to log with. If that makes sense...))

Despite his overly rude punctuations towards her, she was still following the medic's orders. She'd need to open this armor, take a peek at how bad the injuries really were, and then fix them up as best to her abilities until Vakarian could recieve real medical attention. But, she also needed to have him moved to the Alice statue. And that could take a while, whether by walking or by taking her car there. She didn't know which to risk; traffic heading that far was killer, but walking could severely injure the guy, more so than he already is.

Not to mention, she almost didn't even come today. In all seriousness, she almost chose the lazy route and not try to do her assignment today in the park. It just seemed to be Vakarian's lucky day was when she decided to actually do something progressive. But, it didn't seem like Lady Luck liked Lupin very much, considering now she has to deal with the quite possibly dying alien being who kept mumbling about "Shepard" and some other crap she's never heard of. Lupin only thought it was luck enough indeed that she had some mediocre training, because from the somewhat clueless looks she saw on Soma and Edward's faces, they didn't have a clue as to what to do. 

Yeah, right. "Luck". She thought bitterly as she pursed her lips, pocketing her phone. Strange enough that it started acting weird. Now it seemed messages from people who had never been on her phone before were popping up like crazy. Not to mention, people who don't belong here, apparently. All she had to do was look at Edward Elric and know that she really was going crazy. Oh, right, and the injured alien. That was really gonna be something to tell the future therapist she was going to spend thousands of dollars on later in her life. 

Taking another deep, lung-filling breath, she turned to Edward. "We're gonna have to move him. But, we have to see the extent of the damage to his leg, first. I..." She trailed off, unsure of how to address his help. She knew of the automail and had a feeling with its strength, it could help. But, the awkwardness began to settle like a thick cloud once more. She looked to Soma momentarily, pursed her lips and then returned her gaze to Edward. It was hard to look him in the eye without having her mind flash back to the fact that he wasn't supposed to exist, for one, and for another she didn't know how to interact with fictional characters. It also made her wonder where Alphonse was. Was he here somewhere, nearby perhaps? ...No. Edward would have known and he looked about as lost and alone as Soma did. Finally, she rounded herself off and returned to the task at hand, pushing away all other things. 

"I need you to help me take the armor off his leg and find out where that bleed's coming from. If we don't, he might go into shock and die. I saw what you did to that gun and...I'm gonna need that strength right about now. I can tell you don't like him, but he's still in pain and I can't...leave him like this." She paused once more, looking to Soma. "Can you try and keep him awake? If he falls asleep, I think he might not ever get up." 

It was a long shot, but she at least had some help. Lupin knew she couldn't do this all by herself and she knew neither of them could either. She was only following orders from some guy down in Chelsea, but she had faith that he knew what he was talking about... Even if he claimed to have been previously drinking. 
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