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Who: zebumble (Bud Beaman) and show_my_cannons(Ian Hyde)
What: "Bud" and "Ian" plan to meet up. "Ian" waits on Broadway while "Bud" rushes to his location.
When: After "Bud" speaks with "Ian"
Where: Somewhere in New York City. Destination: Broadway.

He hadn't the first clue as to where Sam or Mikaela might have gone. He was going to go out of his processor with worry. If anything happened to the boy, it would be on his shoulder platings to bear. Bumblebee sped where he could, scanning the streets for potential law enforcement threats, as well as Decepticons that might have possibly wheedled their way into the city. He could only hope that Sam was safe; without him, the search for the All-Spark on this planet will have been in vain. 

Traffic was something he had hit, finally. It was expected of New York City, but now he was a part of it; he had only recently heard of the jams. His engine revved and for the while he was stuck there, he tried raising communications with Jazz, with Ratchet, and with Prime. He was met with only silence. 

They hadn't been attacked or ambushed by any Decepticons, have they? He hoped not. He sincerely hoped not. Prime could handle the Decepticons, keep them at bay, long enough for perhaps a tactical retreat. If Jazz and Ratchet were together, they could stand a chance, but seperate... He could only hope no Decepticons were here, and that the others, including Sam and Mikaela, were safe...
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