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Who: elricfullmetal (Edward Elric), madeinthehrl (Soma Peries) aaaand anyone else who wants to join, I suppose! ^^;
What: Edward needs help and is in the search for Soma Peries for that help.
When: After Ed's post and conversation with Soma
Where: Central Park. Somewhere in the heavily forested area. No people. Although that squirrel in the tree looks fairly suspicious...

He was tired and exhausted. Sleeping on the side of the road when there weren't any towns or even an inn sometimes led to the aches he awakens with. And waking up in a fairly unfamiliar place only added to his agitation. He wasn't happy. That much was apparent. He wasn't in the mood for pointless talk, but if it got him the answers he needed...he'd endure. Plus...finding out the "what", the "where" and the "why" was simple enough. It was easier to extract information from as well. 

It was just...amazing. The twenty-first century. That meant it had to be...in the 2000s. But time travel had to be impossible... 

He sighed before it vented out into a frustrated growl. Of course it wasn't. It was years behind, in Amestris where he was born. And he ended up in the 1920s, when Amestris had only just begun to approach those years. Hell, they hadn't even gotten close quite yet, but still... By now, after several years in Europe, it was closer then, the last he was there. He had to assume, that this was the work of someone powerful. Someone who had the machinery, the resources, to perform such a feat, to pull people out of their original time frames, out of their homes. 

So many possiblities, yet so little answers to go off on. He had little to nothing, and it was frustrating. He needed to find this..."Hisoka" person. If they didn't cough up the answers he needed... Well, whose to say, "Violence never solved anything"? Smack them around a little, and they'd give him what he needed. And what he wanted. Perhaps it was that hotheaded nature his brother would always scold him for depending on with these kinds of situations, but often times its helped him. Other times...not so much. He's met some pretty stubborn people in his life, some as hardheaded or even more so, than himself. 

He glanced up at the trees surrounding him and he pursed his lips into a thin line. It was then that he noticed the squirrel. It stayed in its tree, far from any harm he could present to it. It wiggled its little nose, watching him with those beady, black eyes and twitching that large, bushy tail. He grimaced when all it did was those few actions, never moving except for the occasional twitch or two. 

"What're you looking at?" He growled at it. It, unsurprisingly, didn't answer. He moved away, pushing through the underbrush of the trees and bushes. Damn, and here I was under the impression that this was a park. Not a damned forest! 

Then he paused, listening. People's voices. He was getting closer. What a relief. If he didn't find Soma first, he'd perhaps find out where this Alice statue was and perhaps she'd meet him there. It was good to know that he had some people on the lookout for Alphonse and Noa. He hoped that they were all right. Or at the very least, not here at all. They could survive without him, he was sure of that, but he was still wondering if they were all right and where they were. 

((OOC: I don't apologize for the mind-numbingly large post. I was on a role and just...couldn't stop. xD Aaaand, I think I may or may not introduce Lupin, my OC in this log. Still debating that, though. Might do it later, though. *Shrug*))
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