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Announcement ~ #1

To: All of New York city~!
From: A mysterious but well-intentioned friend ♥

Dear New York,

Hello! This is your loyal ‘Inscriber’, a simple informer if you will. I shall endeavour to deliver you the latest news quickly and as detailed as I can, using reliable sources I simply can’t disclose to you at this time. Now that I’ve covered the introduction, let’s get started on the snippets of news, shall we?

Any unfortunate…visitors who woke up in Central Park (for those of you not familiar with this city, that’s the big wide-open green space with lots of pretty trees and monuments and neat little roads ♥♥) will be pleased to find out I have arranged room and board for them on the third floor of the Lucerne Hotel, at no charge and spared no expense. It is, after all, partially my fault you’re here.

I would like to ask all of those interested in taking up my offer to meet at the statue of a little girl called Alice, sitting on a toadstool and surrounded by a variety of interesting persons…including a hare, a cat and a funny little man wearing a funny little hat. Once there, you should wait for a Mr. Hisoka Mizushima to direct you to the hotel. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll all find it eventually~!

Oh, and there’s a giant gorilla climbing the Empire State Building, but that’s not important ♥

Yours truly,

:The Inscriber:

P.S. The answer is 301

Okay, to start off, the Inscriber is all-knowing and all-powerful. It’s best not to ask questions how he knows where the characters are and how he managed to reserve so many expensive hotel rooms, because I can guarantee it will be a while before you find out. As for the struck out number? Well, you’ll have to figure that one out by yourself, and your characters can barely read it. Basically, character journals are somehow automatically friended, and fictional characters only know of their journal thanks to an address they found on a scrap they found in their backpacks.

Anyhow, if you have any questions at all feel free to respond IC or OOC and label it as so! And yes, feel free to post now- I might take a bit with the first protagonist post and the Plot section, but that stuff isn’t as important (and you know all you need to about the plot by this point anyway) so have fun! ^^

By the way, the paper your character receives says this:

If you want answers, type [character's journal] into your cellphone~


Remember to check the comments for answers to other questions! ^^

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