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06 October 2008 @ 05:44 pm

Who: ...A lotta people xD;;;
What: King Kong is on the loose, Ed's seething, and Lupin is freaked because a big ol' alien just disappeared right in front of her. Yup, life's good in the Big Apple.
When: After everyone converged to the Alice Statue
Where: The Alice statue, Central Park

Oh, crap. Yeah, she wasn't too thrilled at the seething figure glaring into the little phone standing beside her.

Edward, who seemed to have gotten the hang of his little Samsung--she was sure it was that--was glaring heatedly into the device. If looks could kill, she was sure that thing would've been incinerated a long time ago. The clenched jaw, the throbbing vein standing out on his neck, the intense glare... Yeah. She was sure something happened. He wasn't saying anything. She was worried about that.

Hesitantly and reluctantly, she placed a consoling hand on his shoulder. "Um...Edward?"

The air seemed to grow even tenser and she shrunk back, recoiling when the glare turned to her. She gripped her own little phone in her hand. That tight feeling in her chest grew tighter and she swallowed. His eyes shifted away from her. His golden eyes softened momentarily, and she realized it wasn't out of actual softness; it was surprise. She turned to look where he was staring at and she felt her heart stop for a few moments. Her eyes widened.

"W-where'd he go?" 

Vakarian was gone.
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03 October 2008 @ 02:15 pm
To: [Set private to fictional characters]
From: Your friendly neighbourhood Inscriber ♥

Hello Again!

Has everyone made it to the park? Good, then the next step can begin~

Yours truly,

:The Inscriber:

P.S. Look for a note on the cheshire cat.

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23 September 2008 @ 07:22 am
Who: All the FMA characters.
What: While every fictional character in New York is heading for Central Park, they happen to bump into each other.
When: During this.
Where: The Alice statue, Central Park.

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21 September 2008 @ 04:36 pm
I'm sorry to say this, guys, but I'm going to drop this rp. I haven't been active except for a very short while toward the beginning, and I feel bad for leaving people hanging. (If any of you were actually waiting on me.)

Mostly, I'm sorry Arky. I thought I'd be able to do multiple rps, and I just can't. Life has been more hectic than normal, and now that I'm going to have a job AND classes... free time will be even harder for me to come by.

I'm sorry, all. I have been putting off doing this for too long. u.u Sorry.
11 August 2008 @ 02:15 am
Who: Um...a lot of people. xD;;;
What: To the Alice Statue!
When: Night-ish time 
Where: Central Park (still! xD))

((OOC: Because Lazy Lupin is Lazy! ...And it gives us loggers an excuse to change, well, logs. Start fresh, if you will. xD Pluuus, it'll be less squishy, and it's time to move on and add an assload of more people to log with. If that makes sense...))

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08 August 2008 @ 02:12 pm
To: [Set private to fictional characters]
From: Your friendly neighbourhood Inscriber ♥


Once again, this is your beloved ‘Inscriber’ here with the latest news! Apparently, that gorilla I mentioned has decided to kidnap someone- whether or not you know this someone I haven't worked out yet. See? This is why I told you to head to the hotel and let me work this out! But noooooooo, you had to dawdle and now I'm stuck cleaning up the mess!

Oh, and please stop bothering Mr. Hisoka Mizushima. He's my tool, not my lapdog, and if he knows what's good for him he'll do exactly as I say. ♥ And please try not to hide your true nature from your comrades, it makes this harder than it needs to be.

Yours truly,

:The Inscriber:

P.S. The answer is still 301

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02 August 2008 @ 01:17 am
Who: zebumble (Bud Beaman) and show_my_cannons(Ian Hyde)
What: "Bud" and "Ian" plan to meet up. "Ian" waits on Broadway while "Bud" rushes to his location.
When: After "Bud" speaks with "Ian"
Where: Somewhere in New York City. Destination: Broadway.

He hadn't the first clue as to where Sam or Mikaela might have gone. He was going to go out of his processor with worry. If anything happened to the boy, it would be on his shoulder platings to bear. Bumblebee sped where he could, scanning the streets for potential law enforcement threats, as well as Decepticons that might have possibly wheedled their way into the city. He could only hope that Sam was safe; without him, the search for the All-Spark on this planet will have been in vain. 

Traffic was something he had hit, finally. It was expected of New York City, but now he was a part of it; he had only recently heard of the jams. His engine revved and for the while he was stuck there, he tried raising communications with Jazz, with Ratchet, and with Prime. He was met with only silence. 

They hadn't been attacked or ambushed by any Decepticons, have they? He hoped not. He sincerely hoped not. Prime could handle the Decepticons, keep them at bay, long enough for perhaps a tactical retreat. If Jazz and Ratchet were together, they could stand a chance, but seperate... He could only hope no Decepticons were here, and that the others, including Sam and Mikaela, were safe...
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01 August 2008 @ 04:31 pm
Who: elricfullmetal (Edward Elric), madeinthehrl (Soma Peries) aaaand anyone else who wants to join, I suppose! ^^;
What: Edward needs help and is in the search for Soma Peries for that help.
When: After Ed's post and conversation with Soma
Where: Central Park. Somewhere in the heavily forested area. No people. Although that squirrel in the tree looks fairly suspicious...

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01 August 2008 @ 03:40 pm
I'm just reserving space for this log so people can do their own ^^ Remember to include these details:


And an:

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Not all logs are for protagonists, so you don't need to tag it as such. Remember, tag your character's names for normal logs :)
01 August 2008 @ 07:32 am
To: All of New York city~!
From: A mysterious but well-intentioned friend ♥

Dear New York,

Hello! This is your loyal ‘Inscriber’, a simple informer if you will. I shall endeavour to deliver you the latest news quickly and as detailed as I can, using reliable sources I simply can’t disclose to you at this time. Now that I’ve covered the introduction, let’s get started on the snippets of news, shall we?

Any unfortunate…visitors who woke up in Central Park (for those of you not familiar with this city, that’s the big wide-open green space with lots of pretty trees and monuments and neat little roads ♥♥) will be pleased to find out I have arranged room and board for them on the third floor of the Lucerne Hotel, at no charge and spared no expense. It is, after all, partially my fault you’re here.

I would like to ask all of those interested in taking up my offer to meet at the statue of a little girl called Alice, sitting on a toadstool and surrounded by a variety of interesting persons…including a hare, a cat and a funny little man wearing a funny little hat. Once there, you should wait for a Mr. Hisoka Mizushima to direct you to the hotel. Don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll all find it eventually~!

Oh, and there’s a giant gorilla climbing the Empire State Building, but that’s not important ♥

Yours truly,

:The Inscriber:

P.S. The answer is 301

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